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Minolta Bizhub601/751/750,K7165/7155/7272/7255,DI551/650/5510/7210 Charging Control Spring 56AA17160 4026-1046-01 4024-2067-01 4026104601 4024206701 click for picture
Xerox DCC 4110/4112/4127/4590/4595/900/1100 Pickup Finger Spring click for picture
Sharp ARM236/255/256/257/M258/266/275/M276/277/M318 Spring of Picker Finger MSPRT0257QSZ1 click for picture
Minolta Bizhub 162/163/210/220/7516/7616V/7220 Clutch Sping 14AH82010 4687-3266-01 N/A
Minolta Bizhub 162/Bizhub 180/Bizhub 181 Torsion Spring A08ER90100 N/A
Xerox Xerox 5305/WorkCentre XD100/WorkCentre XD102/WorkCentre XD103F/WorkCentre XD104/WorkCentre XD105F/WorkCentre XD120F/WorkCentre XD125F/WorkCentre XD130DF/WorkCentre XD155DF/XC1020/XC1040/XC1044/XC1045/XC1255/XC810/XC820/XC830/XC855/XC865 MF Clutch Spring /B -Manual paper feeding multi unit click for picture
Toshiba E STUDIO 12/E STUDIO 120/E STUDIO 15/E STUDIO 150/E STUDIO 161/E STUDIO 162/E STUDIO 162D/E STUDIO 202S/GD1100/MR2013/MR2014/MR2015/MR2016/MR3017 MF Clutch Spring /B -Manual paper feeding multi unit 41330529000 click for picture
Sharp AL1000/AL1010/AL1020/AL1041/AL1200/AL1215/AL1220/AL1240/AL1250/AL1251/AL1520/AL1530CS/AL1540CS/AL1551CS/AR121E/AR151/AR151E/AR156/AR160/AR161/AR162/AR163/AR168D/AR168S/AR200/AR200S/AR200SE/AR201/AR205/AR206/AR207/AR208D/AR208S/ARF152/ARF161/ARF201/ARM160/ARM162/ARM205/ARM207/Z25/Z810/Z820/Z825/Z830/Z835/Z840/Z845/AR158/160/161/163/200/201/206/207/236/1818/2616/2618/2718/2818/2820/2918/2921/2920/3020/3820/3818/3821/4020/4818/4821/5220/5316,ARM160/161/163/205/206/209,M180D/210D/2018L MF Clutch Spring /B -Manual paper feeding multi unit MSPRC1316FCZ1 MSPRC1316FCZZ click for picture
Xerox Xerox 5614/5614Z/5614ZSD/WorkCentre Pro 16FX/WorkCentre XD100/WorkCentre XD102/WorkCentre XD103F/WorkCentre XD104/WorkCentre XD105F/WorkCentre XD120F/XC1200/XC830 Clutch Spring A 9E57550 click for picture
Toshiba Toshiba E STUDIO 12/E STUDIO 120/E STUDIO 15/E STUDIO 150/E STUDIO 161/E STUDIO 162/E STUDIO 162D/MY1022 Clutch Spring A 41330528900 click for picture
Sharp AL1000/Sharp AL1010/Sharp AL1020/Sharp AL1041/Sharp AL1200/Sharp AL1215/Sharp AL1220/Sharp AL1250/Sharp AL1251/Sharp AL1520/Sharp AL1530CS/Sharp AL1540CS/Sharp AL1551CS/Sharp AR151/Sharp AR153E/Sharp AR153EN/Sharp AR168D/Sharp AR168S/Sharp AR208D/Sharp AR208S/Sharp ARM160/Sharp ARM162/Sharp ARM205/Sharp ARM207/Sharp SF2014/Sharp SF2114/Sharp SF2214/Sharp SN1420/Sharp SN1430/Sharp Z810/Sharp Z820/Sharp Z830/AR161/AR163/AR201/AR211/AR220/AR7616/AR7622/AR256/AR1818/AR2616/AR2718/AR2818/AR2918/AR1820/AR2820/AR3821 Clutch Spring A MSPRC1315FCZZ MSPRC1315FCZ1 MSPRC1315FCZ2 click for picture
Ricoh Aficio 1060/1075/1085/1105/2090/2105/2051/2060/2075/2051SP/2060SP/2075SP/500/550/650/AP900/MP5500/MP6500/MP7500/MP5500SP/MP6500SP/MP7500SP/MP8001 Spring-Charge Corona AA062284 AA06-2284 N/A
Toshiba E Studio 181/E Studio 195/E Studio 2007/E Studio 202L/E Studio 203L/E Studio 205L/E Studio 206/E Studio 206L/E Studio 212/E Studio 223/E Studio 225/E Studio 2306/E Studio 230L/E Studio 233P/E Studio 242/E Studio 245/E Studio 2507/E Studio 255/E Studio 256/E Studio 280L/E Studio 283P/E Studio 305/E Studio 306/E Studio 355/E Studio 356/E Studio 455/E Studio 456/E Studio 506 Spring for Picker Finger 6LA84096000 click for picture
Ricoh Aficio 1060/1075/2075/2060/MP4000/MP5000/MP4001/MP5001/MP4002/MP5002/MP7500/MP6001/MP7001/MP8001/MP9001/MP7000/MP8000 Spring-Oil End Sensor Actuator/Cleaning Web Sensor Actuator B065-4221 B0654221 N/A
Ricoh Aficio 2075/MP7500/MP7001/MP8001/MP9001 Spring of Picker Finger N/A
Xerox DocuCentre S1810/S2010/S2011/S2220/S2320/S2420/S2520/S2240/ Pickup Finger Spring N/A
Panasonic DP8035/DP8045/DP8060 Upper Picker Finger Spring FFPLP0743 N/A
Panasonic DP3510/DP4510/DP6010 Upper Picker Finger Spring FFPLP0743 N/A
Panasonic DP2310/DP2330/DP3010/DP3030 Upper Picker Finger Spring DZJL000295 N/A
Panasonic DP1520/DP1820 Upper Picker Finger Spring DZJE001195 N/A
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