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Ricoh Aficio MP7500/MP6001/MP7001/MP8001/MP9001/MP6002,AFICIO1060/1075/2060/2075/2051 Developer Gear B065-3096 B0653096 click for picture
Ricoh Aficio MPC2800/MPC3300 Support Upper Fuser Heat Roller N/A
Ricoh Aficio MPC4501/MPC5501 Lower Sleeved Roller AE02-0183 AE020183 N/A
Ricoh Aficio MPC4501/MPC5501 Upper Sleeved Roller(With Belt) AE010079 AE01-0079 N/A
Ricoh Aficio MP2014/MP2014C/MP2014D/MP2014AD/2014EN Developer Drive Gear/Main Motor Gear AB017869 AB01-7869 click for picture
Ricoh Aficio MP2054/MP3054/MP4054/MP5054/MP6054/MP2554/MP3554/MP4554 OPC Gear( Left & Right) D197-9510 D1979510 N/A
Ricoh Aficio 1060/1075/1085/1105/2090/2105/2051/2060/2075/2051SP/2060SP/2075SP/500/550/650/AP900/MP5500/MP6500/MP7500/MP5500SP/MP6500SP/MP7500SP/MP8001 Spring-Charge Corona AA062284 AA06-2284 N/A
Ricoh Aficio MPC2010/MPC2030/MPC2050/MPC2530/MPC2550/MPC2051/MPC2551 Primary Charge Roller/PCR   AD027024 AD02-7024 N/A
Ricoh Aficio MPC3001/MPC3501/C2051 Fuser Gear 26T click for picture
Ricoh Aficio MP4000/MP4000B/MP4000SP/MP4000SPF/MP4001/MP4001G/MP4002/MP5000/MP5000B/MP5000SP/MP5000SPF/MP5001/MP5001G/SP8200DN/SP8300DN Fuser Pressure Release Lever/Release Lever for Pressure Roller D0094271 D009-4271 D0094291 D009-4291 N/A
Ricoh Aficio AF340/350/450/355/455/1035/1045/2035/2045/3035/3045/MP4000/5000/3500/4500/MP4001/MP5001/MP5002 Joint-Paddle D0093078 D009-3078 N/A
Ricoh Aficio MP4000/MP4000B/MP4000SP/MP4000SPF/MP4001/MP4001G/MP4002/MP5000/MP5000B/MP5000SP/MP5000SPF/MP5001G/MP5002 Cleaning Web Sensor Actuator/Web Feeler/ Oil End Sensor Actuator D009-4393 D0094393 click for picture
Ricoh Aficio MP2014/MP2014C/MP2014D/MP2014AD/2014EN Upper Roller Gear 53T AB011621 AB01-1621 click for picture
Ricoh Aficio MPC2000/MPC2500/MPC3000/MPC3500/MPC4500/MPC2500SPF/MPC3000SPF/MPC3500E1/MPC4500E1 Transfer Belt B2236130 B223-6130 click for picture
Ricoh Aficio MPC3002/MPC3502/MPC4502/MPC5502 Fuser Belt D1424082 D142-4082 N/A
Ricoh Aficio MPC2030/MPC2050/MPC2550 Fuser Belt D0394056 D039-4056 click for picture
Ricoh Aficio MPC2010/MPC2030/MPC2050/MPC2051/MPC2530/MPC2550/MPC2551 Opc Drum click for picture
Ricoh Aficio 1035/1045/2035/2045/3035/3045/MP3500/MP4500 Toner Supply Unit/ Toner Supply Assembly B082-3209 B0823209 N/A
Ricoh Aficio MP5500/MP6000/MP6001/MP6002/MP6500/MP7000/MP7001/MP7500/MP7502/MP8000/MP8001/MP9001 Gears KIT-Paper Feed Unit AB030734 AB03-0734 AB011466 AB01-1466 AB011467 AB011490 AB01-1467 AB01-1490 AB011469 AB01-1469 AB011470 AB01-1470 AB011491 AB01-1491 AB017617 AB01-7617 AB017690 AB01-7690 N/A
Ricoh Aficio MP4000/MP4000B/MP4000SP/MP4000SPF/MP4001/MP4001G/MP4002/MP5000/MP5000B/MP5000SP/MP5000SPF/MP5001G/MP5002/MP3500/MP4500 Bearing-Lower Fuser Pressure Roller AE03-0098 AE030098 N/A
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