Developer / Starter 



TYPE 19        Developer/Starter Ricoh Aficio 220/270/1015/1018  (B0399640)  
TYPE 5                 Developer/Starter  Ricoh Aficio 340/350  (A2309640)
TYPE 3               Developer/Starter Ricoh FT 4015/4615/3815  (A2199640)
TYPE 1                   Developer/Starter FT 4022/4027/4527/5035/5535/5632/5832/5840/6645       (A0959645)
TYPE 410  Developer/Starter Ricoh FT 4418/4220/4215/4222/4525
TYPE 4000              Developer/Starter Ricoh FT 4430/4480/4490/4495/4700/5560/6000



TYPE 102                       Developer/Starter Konica Minolta EP 1050/1052/1054/1080/2010
TYPE-105  Developer/Starter Konica Minolta DI 181
TYPE 106                 Developer/Starter Konica Minolta  DI 152/183/250/350 
MT 401  Developer/Starter Konica Minolta EP 4000/5000/3050/4050/2080/3000
MT 502  Developer/Starter Konica Minolta DI 450/470/550
MT 601 Developer/Starter Konica Minolta EP 6000/6001/8015/5050
MT 701  Developer/Starter Konica Minolta DI 750
N/A   Developer/Starter Konica Minolta DI 520/620
EP450 Developer/Starter Minolta EP 450



SF-730DV1  Developer/Starter SF 7300/7320/7300/7350
SF-780MD1 Developer/Starter SF 7800/7850
SF-830ND1 Developer/Starter SF 8300
SF-80DV1 Developer/Starter SF 8500/8800
SF-216ND1 Developer/Starter SF 1016/1018/1020
SF222ND1 Developer/Starter SF 1025/3025/2022/2027
SF226MD Developer/Starter SF 1116/1118/2020/2116/2118/2120 
SF230ND1 Developer/Starter SF 2030/2530
SF234MD1 Developer/Starter SF 2314/2414/2514
SF-240MD1 Developer/Starter SF 2040/2540/4040
AR202ND     Developer/Starter AR 160/161/163/201/202/205/5015/5120/5315/5320
BD1710  Developer/Starter Toshiba BD 1710/2310/3210
BD2060           Developer/Starter Toshiba BD 2060/2860/2870/2068  (4409850730)
K 1015   Developer/Starter Konica 1015/1120/1212
K 2028   Developer/Starter Konica 2028/2125/3031/3035/3135/4045/4145/4155
K 7050  Developer/Starter Konica 7050/7055/7060/7065/7150
FP7715  FQZF15 Developer/Starter Panasonic 7113/7115/7713/7715
FP7718  FQZK10 Developer/Starter Panasonic 7718/7722/7818/7824
FP7728  FQZK20 Developer/Starter Panasonic 7728/7735/7750/7850
X1027   Developer/Starter XEROX 1025/1027/5026/5030/5518/5618
DC1656  Developer/Starter MITA 1555/1605/1656/1657/1685/1855/2155


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Picker Fingers, Pickup Rollers, Feed Tires, Gears, Bushings, Bearings, Thermistors, 
Spacer Rollers, Drum Cleaning Blades, Exposure Lamps, Heater Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps, Upper Heat Rollers, 
Lower Pressure Rollers, Cleaning Webs, Cleaning Rollers, Housing Wire Terminations, Charge Corona Grids, Transport Belts, Scanning Flat Cables, 
Corona Wires, Thermal Fuse, OPC Drums, Toners, 
copier spare parts of analog copiers and digital copiers
For use in Canon, Konica, Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Panasonic, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba, Xerox, HP,Lexmark, etc.

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